Ich verwende macOS und einige der Tasten und Regler auf meiner Loupedeck-Konsole reagieren nicht. Wie kann ich das beheben?


If you’re using macOS and some buttons (for example the arrow keys) and dials on your Loupedeck console aren’t responding when pressed or rotated, here are a few steps that might fix the issue.


    1. Open System Settings
    2. Select Privacy & Security
    3. Select Accessibility 
    4. Finde Loupedeck, aktiviere das Kästchen und wende an!

    IMPORTANT! If the box is already checked, remove Loupedeck by clicking on - button and then add it again with + button.

    Some macOS versions require that you add Loupedeck in the Automation settings (System Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Automation). Check to make sure that the System Event box is checked under Installer.