Benutzerdefinierte Aktion: Text

Ein Blick auf die benutzerdefinierte Aktion „Text“

Mit der benutzerdefinierten Aktion „Text“ kann der Benutzer einen vordefinierten Text mit maximal 999 Zeichen speichern, der durch Klick auf die Aktion gesendet wird. 

Commands in Text custom action

Text custom action has 7 commands which can be used to make the custom action even more flexible.

These commands contain changing data like current time and date, or version numbering. Handy when doing e.g. documents which need to be added the time & date.

%CurrentDate% : Prints current date in DD/MM/YYYY format

%CurrentTime% : Prints current time in HH:MM:SS format

%LoupedeckVersion% : Prints current Loupedeck Software version (e.g.

%OsVersion% : Prints Operating System version number

%UserName% : Prints (operating system) user name

%UserDomainName% : Prints network domain name (associated with the current user)

%MachineName% : Prints the name given to the computer

Empty rows can be added by pressing Shift+Enter


Example! Text custom action with following content:

  • Currently using %LoupedeckVersion% on Windows %OsVersion%, on a computer named %MachineName% (In Helsinki: %CurrentDate%, %CurrentTime%)."

Prints following:

  • Currently using on Windows 10.0.19042.0, on a computer LOUPEDECKOFFICE (In Helsinki: 30/08/2021, 10:26:22).