Plugins and Assets - Manager

Manage your installed content with the help of the Plugins and Assets - manager

With the 5.1 software release, we're introducing a lot of new features, one being a content manager to help the users to keep track of their installed plugins and icon packs.


You can find the Plugins and Assets - manager by clicking on the menu on the upper right corner of the Loupedeck software.


Through the Plugins and Assets - manager you can update your plugins and icon packs, see their statuses and install/uninstall assets.




You can also access the marketplace by clicking the link "Browse Assets in Marketplace" on the top left of the Assets Manager window. (See picture below)



With the help of the Assets manager, it is now also possible to install a plugin straight from a file. To do this, click on the "Install plugin from a file" text on top right corner. It is not possible to export any assets through the manager.


Do note, that profile management is not a part of the assets manager



Profiles can be accessed and managed through the profile menu dropdown in the software UI by pressing on the three dots next to the application profile name. (See picture: dots circled with yellow).


Profiles can be exported and shared as usual.