The Loupedeck Plugin is performing shutdown task, what can I do?


If an error message is appearing in Lightroom Classic saying "Loupedeck plugin is performing shut-down task", here are a few steps that might fix the issue.


Solution 1

When Lightroom opens your catalog file it creates a sentinel file in the same folder as the catalog so that two instance of Lightroom can not open the same catalog file. Open your Lightroom folder in Finder / File Explorer and look for a file alongside your catalog file with the same name as the catalog but with an extension of ".lock". Delete this ".lock" file and you will be able to open Lightroom normally.

  1. Öffne den Lightroom-Ordner im Finder/Datei-Explorer
  2. Suche nach einer Datei neben deiner Katalogdatei, die den gleichen Namen wie der Katalog hat, aber eine andere Erweiterung: .lock.
  3. Suche diese Datei und lösche sie
  4. Öffne Lightroom Classic


Solution 2

If the steps above have not helped with the issue, let's re-add Loupedeck plugin by following the steps below:


  1. Locate Loupedeck plugin in these locations based on your OS
    1. Windows: please find a file called loupedeck2.lrplugin from Users > your username > AppData > Roaming > Adobe > Lightroom > Modules (please note AppData folder might be hidden by default)
    2. Mac: please find a file called loupedeck2.lrplugin from Users > your username > Library > Application Support > Adobe > Lightroom > Modules 
  2. Remove loupedeck2.lrplugin file from this location
  3. Re-install Loupedeck software, you can find the most recent Loupedeck version at


Once you have done that, please open Lightroom and try to use your Loupedeck. If you still experience this issue, please contact our Support team via this link